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Wisconsin Hemp Scientific in the News

Wisconsin Hemp Scientific has been profiled by numerous news and media outlets as seen below. The CBD craze has brought a lot of attention to the industry, and we are adamant about educating the public. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us!


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Article

Wisconsin Hemp Scientific was featured in 2018 on the front page of the November 12th issue of the Journal Sentinel. Check out the article here!

CBS 58 – News Story

CBS 58 used Wisconsin Hemp Scientific’s analytical department to validate (or disprove) CBD concentrations for over 25 different products being sold throughout Wisonsin in a recent news story. We analyzed samples the samples they provided using our HPLC instrument, and our results were consistent with a California cannabis testing lab. Our takeaway: not all CBD products are what they say they are, only buy from reputable brands!

lacrosse tribune

The Lacrosse Tribune – Article

The Tribune highlights one of our new retail partners, The People’s Food Co-op in Lacrosse. Read the story here!

TMJ4 – News Story

CEO, Dennis Mistrioty, talks about the ever changing CBD landscape. Watch here!


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