Finding information about hemp can be a confusing task. We've compiled a list of helpful websites and articles related to growing hemp and using CBD. 

CBD Hemp Growing Information

Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection - THE resource for WI hemp regulatory information. Growing/processing license applications and certified seed information.

CBD Legality in WI - 5/10/18 update from the WI Attorney General stating "products made from industrial hemp, including CBD, are lawful.' 

Minnesota Pilot Hemp Program - summary of the 2017 MN pilot hemp season. A good resource to see what our neighbors learned in their inaugural year growing hemp.

What We Learned in 2018 - Our blog post dedicated to the first year grower. Includes tips and tricks. A must read for any prospective grower. 

The Power of CBD

The Scientist - documentary on Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, discoverer of THC, and the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Fascinating watch. 

Project CBD Great resource to discover the healing powers of CBD and cannabis. Includes information about dosing, ways to ingest, and how CBD interacts with other medications.  Comprehensive cannabis education site for medicinal uses. 

The Realm of Caring - Nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabinoid therapy. 

Hemp Groups

Wisconsin Hemp Alliance - WI specific hemp community.

National Hemp Association - National network of industry professionals.