Toll Processing

Hello Growers!

I hope everyone is as excited about hemp in 2019 as we are. From the DATCP license numbers, it certainly seems that way! Thank you for your patience as we have finalized our toll processing plans for the 2019 harvest season.
For toll processing in 2019-2020, we are dedicated to opening one slot per week till next harvest season (roughly October 2020) to toll processing. This equates to roughly 50 lbs of plant material per slot. We realize this is a small number, but you should also realize how far a small amount of CBD oil goes! Furthermore, we have every intention of upgrading our processing capabilities to assist more growers to convert their hemp into CBD oil. We are gauging responses to this first offering to determine whether or not that would be in our best interest.  

What is toll processing?

For clarification, toll processing includes the grower providing material and capital and in return receives CBD crude oil. In other words, the grower pays WI Hemp Sci to process their material into CBD crude oil. As a DATCP licensed hemp processor, we use food grade ethanol to extract CBD (and other cannabinoids).
What should I submit as my input material?
We do not care what form this input material is in (e.g. biomass, flower, whole plant) as long as it is free of mold and dried to 8-9% water content. Although, I strongly recommend you provide material that is high in CBD, as this will give you the best yield and highest quality CBD oil and you will be charged per pound of input material. CBD concentration can be increased by removing parts of the plant that are low in CBD, mainly stalks, stems, and leaves. The ideal input material is trimmed buds only, however, the work needed to get to this level may not be worth it. Balancing labor costs and increasing CBD content will forever be an issue in this industry. There is a 50 lb minimum per slot

What will I get back?

You will receive the CBD crude oil extracted from the material you provide. CBD crude oil is a concentrated sludge-like substance that is roughly 50% CBD by mass. Compare this to a 1oz 1000mg CBD Tincture product which is roughly 3% pure CBD by mass. In other words, you can make ~17 times as much volume in tinctures (or whatever product you desire) than the volume of your CBD crude oil returned. Moreover, the CBD crude oil will be decarboxylated (the majority of the CBDA converted into the bioactive CBD) and winterized (most of the fats and lipids will be removed). Our extraction process yields a crude oil that is truly 'Full-Spectrum.' That is, all cannabinoids found in the original material will be found in the ending oil. This has been seen to have the highest therapeutic benefit and is what we use in our own products. 
We also have the unique advantage of having an HPLC machine in house to perform analytics. We will provide you with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) with your oil which will indicate CBD and THC concentrations.
Operating on the schedule will be one of our primary focuses. This is one of the reasons why we are opening a limited number of slots so that we are not overwhelmed. You should expect to have your crude CBD oil and test results back 1 week after your last scheduled slot.

How much CBD can I expect to get back?

Now for some quick math. All these numbers are rounded for nice calculations but are realistic for any grower using decent genetics and proper techniques (i.e. input material is ~10% CBD). 
-Dried flower yield per plant = 1 lb. 
-Plants per acre = 1000-1500, call it 1000 to be conservative. 
-Overall mass yield for our process = 10% (e.g. 100 pounds of material in, 10 pounds of oil out). 
-Purity of CBD crude = 50% (i.e. 50% of the weight of the returned oil is pure CBD).
I would like to reiterate that the quantity (i.e. yield) of CBD crude oil returned is highly dependent upon the quality (CBD%) of the input material. At its extreme, we have processed 2% CBD material and got a 2% overall yield. This is certainly what you want to avoid. 

What will it cost?

We will be charging $75 per pound of input material. We are also going to require a 10% downpayment of your total toll processing cost (for example: 0.1 x $75 x Pounds of Input Material to be processed = down payment) to show that you are serious. Payments should be sent to our PayPal: (although you don't need a PayPal account to pay). This payment is nonrefundable. 

How do reserve my spot?

Please contact us ASAP as we will be filling slots on a first come first serve basis. Your slot will be officially reserved when we receive your down payment. 

Additional Notes

We'll be drafting a more formal processing contract/agreement closer to harvest. This will include everything I stated above and protect both parties involved. Additional services like formulation and packaging may also be available depending upon interest. Toll processing into distillate is also an option. Please inquire for more details. 

We look forward to hearing from you and best of luck in 2019!