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We use an ethanol extraction process which produces a true full-spectrum extract. Ethanol has been used as a solvent for extractions for thousands of years and is a proven, safe technique for CBD extraction.

  • 1/10/2019 - Farm

    WI Hemp Scientific partners with local growers using organic techniques and top-tier genetics to deliver a consistent feedstock to our process.

  • 2/10/2019 - Extraction & Filtration

    Using sub-zero, food-grade ethanol, CBD and other therapeutic compounds are extracted from the hemp. Similar to how your coffee is brewed! The extraction liquid is then sent through a series of filters to remove any particulates and recover additional ethanol and hemp extract.

  • 6/10/2019 - Product Testing

    These finished products are tested in-house once more before being sent to an accredited 3rd party lab for additional tests. This may seem redundant, but it’s just the type of quality we stand for.

  • 3/10/2019 - Distillation

    Manipulating pressure and temperature allows for the separation of ethanol from the hemp extract. This ethanol is then reused for additional processing.

  • 4/10/2019 - Decarboxylation & Extract Testing

    The hemp extract that leaves the distillation step contains mostly CBDA which is easily converted into the bioactive CBD by applying heat. This concentrated hemp extract is known as CBD Crude Oil and is tested in-house for the exact CBD concentration so our team can accurately formulate to desired concentrations.

  • 5/10/2019 - Formulation

    Using organic oils and supplemental terpenes, our team creates a wide variety of premium CBD products that our customers swear by.

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