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Wisconsin Hemp Scientific

Full-Spectrum CBD Body Balm

CBD Body Balm: 5 Reasons to Try

In this product spotlight, we will dive into our most popular topical product: the 750 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Body Balm.

#1: Can’t Beat Full-Spectrum CBD

The biggest thing to consider when comparing CBD body balms or salves is the source of the CBD. The full-spectrum hemp extract we use in the balm contains all the glory of the hemp plant. Minor cannabinoids and terpenes working in concert with CBD provide further relief than just CBD in isolation. For a detailed explanation of CBD Isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD, see our Full-Spectrum vs. Isolate blog post.

#2: Superior CBD Concentration

Compared to many other Full-Spectrum topical products, ours packs a punch. Our balm contains 750 mg of CBD in just 2 ounces. More isn’t necessarily better, but we believe there is a minimum dose necessary for relief. Here’s a breakdown of some popular brands’ CBD topical concentrations. WHS leads the pack!

CBD concentration of five popular brands.
Concentration comparison on a CBD per oz basis.

#3: Topical CBD, Relief Right Where You Need It

Applying the CBD body balm right where you need it provides quick, local relief. Instead of the normal 1-2 hours it takes for CBD to be processed when taken orally, this balm penetrates your skin and starts working right away. This makes it a perfect addition to your gym bag and post-workout routine.

#4: Moisturizing and Natural Balm Ingredients

This balm is formulated without any complex chemicals or preservatives, just products of nature. Organic coconut oil, beeswax, and organic extra virgin olive oil make up the base of the balm. Coconut oil’s saturated fat hydrates the skin while beeswax locks in moisture. Olive oil helps carry the CBD deep into the skin and to the affected area. CBD and essential oils (lavender and tea tree) further rejuvenate dry, aged, or sensitive skin at the surface.

Moisturizing and soothing natural ingredients found

#5: Cost-Effective Body Balm

We use our in-house extractions to provide high-quality CBD at a competitive price. Many other CBD body balms will just sprinkle in some CBD and inflate prices. This chart compares prices per 100 mg of CBD. This makes for an easy apples-to-apples comparison across different products that may have different amounts of total CBD.

Chart comparing price of CBD topical products on a dollars per 100 mg of CBD basis.
Price comparison on a dollars per 100 mg of CBD basis.

Convinced? Check out the product here!


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