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Wisconsin Hemp Scientific

WI Hemp Scientific: 2020 Vision

Happy belated new year to all of our friends, family, and loyal customers! We hope you’re enjoying the first week of the new decade. We’ve certainly enjoyed the past year, but we are even more excited to see what 2020 has in store for us. With that, we’d like to share our 2019 recap and 2020 aspirations.

2019 Recap

Before predicting what the upcoming year will look like, it will be helpful to take a brief glance at the past. 2019 was a groundbreaking year for Wisconsin Hemp Scientific and the hemp industry as a whole.

At WHS, we were fortunate enough to establish strong partnerships with up-and-coming CBD stores and businesses looking to expand their product offerings. More importantly, we further developed relationships with our 2018 growers and established new ones to diversify our supply chain and support more WI growers. Internally, WHS developed 27 unique product formulations (not including Whitelabel) and ran over 2500 HPLC tests (including internal quality control). We also hired our first two full-time employees along with some extra part-time employees. They’ve all been exemplary, and the extra hands on deck allowed us to focus on expanding the business. The production team successfully upgraded key pieces of the process to increase extraction rates and efficiencies. Quality assurance worked with Eurofins to complete a GMP gap audit. This is a pivotal step towards becoming a leader in quality and consistency. All in all, it was certainly a busy year for us!

The team behind WI Hemp Scientific that makes the best CBD in Wisconsin. At a local hemp farm, we explore the plant in its growing state.
WHS team braving the cold and snow to check out a local hemp farm.

On an industry level, the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill transformed hemp and CBD from a novelty to normality across the nation in 2019. Furthermore, the USDA released its interim final rule for domestic hemp growing. The rule is still being reviewed but will be influential to the industry in years to come. Within Wisconsin, our governor signed a bill to evolve the Pilot Program into withstanding law, further solidifying the state as a legitimate player in the hemp industry.

2020 Goals

2019 was a great year, so it would be a disservice to our customers and ourselves to stop there. We are aiming to continually improve our products and our company as we move into the new decade

Product Aspirations

2020 will be much more experimental from a product perspective. Sure, 2019 gave birth to many new products at WHS, but 2020 will deliver so much more. We can’t disclose too much right now, but keep your eyes peeled in the spring months.

Company Aspirations

Any great company would tell you that their employees are their most valuable asset. At Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, we would say no different. We will continually invest in our employees’ education and wellness through teambuilding exercises and group workouts. WHS will grow at the rate of its employees.

Outreach Aspirations

One of our major goals in 2020 will be increasing our outreach presence. We will meet this goal by attending local events and hosting sampling events at various retail locations to engage with customers. The first major event on our calendar this year is the WI Cannabis Expo in Milwaukee on February 8th. We hope to see you there!

Furthermore, we will be partnering with local charitable organizations to support causes important to us. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with us!

Closing Thoughts

2019 was the debut in many ways for CBD and Wisconsin Hemp Scientific. In 2020, WHS will look to leverage our early success into better products, stronger relationships, and more wellness!


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