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Wisconsin Hemp Scientific

Lead Analytical Scientist Ben Kluge Operating our HPLC

CBD and THC Potency Testing

This blog post explains the importance of cannabinoid potency testing, and how you can test your crop, extracts, or products through Wisconsin Hemp Scientific. We test for CBD, THC, THCA, CBDA, CBN, and CBG.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a class of molecules that are naturally synthesized in the hemp and marijuana plants. CBD and THC are the most well-known cannabinoids, but there are many others. CBG, CBN, CBDA, and THCV are all examples of other cannabinoids that also can synthesize in the hemp plant. Some cannabinoids have two different forms, one that occurs naturally in the plant and one that is formed upon exposure to heat. THCA and THC are an example of this transition. THCA occurs naturally in the plant, and it is only after heating that the THCA molecules are converted to THC. This is actually why people burn marijuana before smoking it. Upon lighting the buds on fire, the THCA is converted into THC which is the form of the molecule that gets people high. 

Why do we test for CBD and THC Potency?

The legal limit for THC content in a hemp plant is 0.3% by weight. This means that if an entire plant has a mass of 1,000 grams (1 kg), only 3 grams can be pure THC for it to be considered legal. Since this stringent (albeit arbitrary) limit on THC content exists, it’s important to have the ability to accurately measure the plants’ THC content. There are a few different methods for testing, but the most common is High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture uses HPLC to determine whether hemp that’s grown is legal or over the 0.3% THC limit.

Other Cannabinoids

In addition to testing for THC and THCA, we also test for CBDA, CBD, CBG, and CBN. The contents of these other cannabinoids are important because they determine your crop’s value. The more CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids there are in your plants, the more they’re worth. CBD is obviously the golden child of cannabinoids, but CBG is catching a lot of buzz lately and some people predict it will become as popular as CBD in the coming years! Although this is just speculation, it is still important to know the contents of all the cannabinoids in your plants and products!

Wisconsin Hemp Scientific’s Testing Service

The first service our company offered was cannabinoid potency testing for hemp farmers. We offered this service before we sold any products or processed any hemp! Realizing how valuable have quick, accurate testing is to growers, we continue to offer this service. We have made fast service our cornerstone with typical turnaround times of 1-3 business days from receiving samples. We provide some resources below that explain how our CBD and THC Potency Testing Service works.

How Our testing Service Works

Anyone with a valid license can send us samples to test for CBD and THC potency. We test hemp flower, hemp biomass, CBD tinctures, and extracts.

Before Sending Samples

We require a chain of custody form to be filled out and mailed to us with your sample. This gives us the information we need to properly relay results and accurately describe your product on your Certificate of Analysis. Please print, fill, and include the form with your samples!


The pricing for our testing depends on how many samples you’re ordering. We provide quantity discounts and testing contracts for customers looking to have many samples tested throughout the year. There is a thorough summary of our pricing, sample preparation, and other pertinent information on our HPLC testing page.

Reach Out!

If you still have questions after reading through the linked information above, please reach out to us at We are excited to help you with your CBD and THC Potency Testing needs!

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